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Good Habits

Wake Up Early


Text written by Ha Nhu Luong
Based on an original idea by Teacher Remi

Student’s name: Ha Nhu Luong

Nickname: Baby Luong

Class: Movers 1

Date: 5/8/16




Sunday, May 8th, 2016.


   Hello! My name is Luong. Today I will talk to you about one of my good habits.

   Every day I wake up early. I always wake up around 6 am. It’s a very good habit to wake up early. It is good for me and everybody. When you wake up early your family will say good things about you. You just wake up early, and you feel so strong. Then you can go to school on time, and you aren’t late for class. If you don’t wake up early, you will feel so tired, and you can’t do your daily exercise in the morning.

   So please don’t forget to wake up early.
   See you later.

   My name is Luong. I’m 10 years old. I’m Vietnamese. I’m a Mover. I’m learning English at REMISOL. My teacher is Mr. Remi. Thank you for listening and watching.


         Download the text here 



Final narration scripts to accompany video sequences of this project are available for download by clicking the buttons below.

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