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Good Habits

Drinking Lots Of Water


Text written by Huynh Minh Thu
Based on an original idea by Remi Brezini

Student’s name: Huynh Minh Thu

Nickname: Thu 1

Class: Movers 1

Date: 5/21/16




Saturday, May 21st, 2016.


   Hello, everybody! Today I will talk to you about one of my good habits.

   Drinking lots of water is a good habit. You have to drink lots of water every day. It is good for you, and it’s healthy. I always drink lots of water. If you do the same as I do you will be always healthy, and your body will become nice and strong. Every morning when you wake up you need to drink lots of water. That will make your whole day fresh and cool. Ask your brother and sister to drink lots of water too. Always remember to drink lots of water, and ask your family to do the same.
Good bye!
   My name is Thu. I’m 9 years old. I’m Vietnamese. I’m a Mover. I’m learning English at REMISOL. My teacher is Mr. Remy. Thank you for listening and watching.


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