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Who is the course designed for?

English For Communication is designed for students and professionals at all levels who want to develop and improve their practical English skills.

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What are the course characteristics that are most important to students?

English for Communication course is mostly focused on speaking and listening. It provides students the opportunity to practice their English speaking and listening skills by interacting with the foreign teacher and their classmates.


What other opportunities are available?

Beside the formal speaking and listening course, students have the opportunity to subscribe and become regular members of our Language Café.

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Why the Language Café?

The Language Café helps students make contact with teachers, staff, and other English speakers outside the classroom.



Placement Test

♦ All accepted students are required to take a Placement Test prior to registration.

♦ Students are then placed in appropriate classes for their level.








♦ English for Communication Course offers instruction in all levels of English, from elementary to advanced.

♦ Because of the nature of the course, students enrolled in English For Communication are given individual speaking and listening tests, but also group tests.

♦ Moreover, students are tested for writing proficiency, reading proficiency, vocabulary, and grammar.

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♦ The Listening, Reading, and Writing Tests can be group administered.












































♦ Students are tested regularly and in a wide range of subjects and topics.

 Individual and group tests are conducted in a way that allows to assess each student's level in both skills.

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♦ The Speaking Test and the Writing Test are made up of performance tasks scored according to specific rubrics.


Pronunciation Clinic

In addition to daily speaking and listening classes, the course offers students personalized articulation using specialized software and customized lab activities.

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How can this course help me?


 I am a professional: English For Communication will help you improve your communication skills and function more efficiently at work among your colleagues, managers and staff.


 I am a college student: English For Communication is suitable for you as it will help you improve your English proficiency to be better prepared to enter the workforce.

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