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SCRIPT-Plan of the plan
Thursday, March 30th, 2017

I. Opening
II. Introduction
+We are the Rabbit Team!
+I’m Delicious. I’m the leader and the writer.
+I’m Khiem. I’m the thinker
+I’m Yen Nhi. I’m the corrector.
+Welcome to our Movers Bright Ideas Program at Remisol!
III. Body
Khiem: Today we will explain the plan of our video: How to say the word “coin”.
Delicious: Firstly, we do the opening.
Yen Nhi: We greet people
Khiem: We say “Hello!” to the people.
Khiem: Then, we introduce the team.
Yen Nhi: We say the team name.
Delicious: Each of the member introduces about himself or herself.
Khiem: Next, we introduce the topic. The topic is: How to say the word “coin”.
Yen Nhi: now we explain the body.
Delicious: First, we talk about Khoi.
Khiem: He is a member of the Apple team and we need to borrow him to make the video.
Delicious: Next, we talk about what we need to make the video.
Khiem: After that, we talk about what we do.
Yen Nhi: We put the thing together.
Delicious: Then, we do the funny math to say the word “coin”.
Yen Nhi: Finally, we say the conclusion.
IV. Conclusion
Khiem: Now you may understand the video and the plan.
Delicious: We are happy when you are understand our video.
V. Closing
Yen Nhi: Thank you for watching.
Khiem: We hope you understand and like this helpful video
Delicious: And don’t forget to like, share the video and subscribe to our channel REMISOL‼!
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1 Khoi2   [Entry]
This is a good work. I like this work. hands

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2 Nguyen-Trieu-Yen-Nhi   [Entry]

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3 Khoi2   [Entry]
you don't write your sentence?

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4 NGOC-MAI   [Entry]
your sentences are shorter than everybody in your team mellow mellow mellow mellow mellow mellow

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