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Scene 2 of the short film " Not me"
-Quan: Het Thu 1, what is a hospital?
-Thu 1:A hospital is a place where doctors work.
-Thu 1:Hey Luong, when do we go to a hospital
-Luong:We go to a hospital when we are sick.
-Luong:Hey Thu 4, why do we go to a hospital?
-Thu 4: We go to a hospital to see a doctor.
-Luong: Um, I see.
-Thu 4:You know, my mother works at a hospital but she isn`t a doctor.
-Thu 1:Really? what does she do?
-Thu 4:She`s a nurse.
-Quan:That`s interesting
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1 Boy   [Entry]
Doctor’s assistant: Good morning doctor Thu’s office. How may I help you?
Father: Hello, I would like to make an appointment for my son please.
Doctor’s assistant: Has he been in to see doctor Thu before?
Father: yes, he has.
Doctor’s assistant: Ok . What is his name?
Father: His name is Hai.
Doctor’s assistant: And you are?Father: I’m Quan
Father: I’m Quan.
Doctor’s assistant: Thank you Mr. Quan. Let me pull up your son’s file. Just a second… Ok I have it here.
Father: He doesn’t fell well today.
Doctor’s assistant: How about this morning? There is a slot availaible at 11am.
Father: Is there any availaible before 11am.
Doctor’s assistant: Let me see. Would you like at 9am.
Father: Yes, that would be great.
Doctor’s assistant: Ok see you at 9 then good bye!
Father: Good bye!

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2 Boy   [Entry]
Quan: Hey, Thu 1 what’s a hospital?
Thu 1: A hospital is a place where dotors work.
Thu 1: Hey, Luong when do we go to the hospital.
Luong: We go to the hospital when we are sick.
Luong: Hey, Thu 4 why do we go to the hospital?
Thu 4: We go to the hospital to see a dotor.
Luong: Um, I see.
Thu 4: You know? + scene 2
Thu 4:Mymother is working at the hospital but she isn’t a doctor.
Thu 1: Really? What does she do?
Thu 4: She’s a nurse.
Quan: That’s interesting.

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