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DEMONSTRATION OF “COIN” I. FIRST INSTRUCTION 1. Please read carefully, copy the text and instruction to Microsoft Word, try to learn by heart the text and follow the instruction in “(…)”Don’t need to read the instruction, just do. Ex: (jump) 2. If you have any ideas or something to say about this, please meet me (the captain) on classroom chat. 3. ONLY FOR RABBIT TEAM MEMBERS AND KHOI‼! II. TEXT AND INSTRUCTION (Rabbit Team (RBT or Everybody) members stand in front of the board, make a line and look at the camera) Everybody: (wave) Hello! Delicious: My name is Delicious. I’m the captain and the first speaker of Rabbit Team. Khiem: My name is Khiem. I’m the second speaker of Rabbit Team. Mouse: My name is Mouse. I’m the writer and the third speaker of Rabbit Team Yen Nhi: My name is Yen Nhi. I’m the corrector of Rabbit Team. Everybody: Welcome to our team video at REMISOL! … (Stop 5 seconds) Khiem: We are Vietnamese. So we can’t say the word “coin”. So we have a funny idea. First, we borrow a classmate. His name is Khoi… Delicious: (wave at Khoi) Hey, Khoi! (Khoi comes to Delicious) Delicious: Can you help me to make an example? Khoi: Yes, I can. (Khoi Stand next to Delicious) Mouse: And then we need three signs. They are plus sign, “N” sign and equal sign. We need a coin, too. First, Khoi sits on the floor. Delicious: Hey, Khoi! (Khoi comes to Delicious) Delicious: Sit on the floor, please. (Khoi sits on the floor) Mouse: Next, we put plus sign next to Khoi. (Yen Nhi sits down, takes out plus sign and puts next to Khoi) Mouse: Then we put “N” sign next to plus sign. (Yen Nhi takes out “N” sign and puts next to plus sign) Mouse: And we put equal sign next to “N” sign. (Yen Nhi takes out equal sign and puts next to “N” sign) Mouse: Finally we put a coin next to equal sign. (Yen Nhi takes out a coin and put next to equal sign. Then Yen Nhi stands up. Finally Yen Nhi and Mouse go behind Khiem) Khiem: We do funny math. (Delicious write “Khoi plus N equal coin” on the board) Khiem: We said “Khoi plus N equal coin”. Now we know how to say the word “coin” (Everyone applause/clap) Delicious: Thank you for watching. We hope you like our video. And don’t forget to lie, share and subscribe to our channel REMISOL‼! (Everyone applause/clap) END FROM Mr.Delicious (Rabbit Team Captain)
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1 Teacher-Remy   [Entry]
Great Job!
Good Captain!
I appreciate.

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