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Introduce Yourself

Write a brief paragraph about yourself.
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1 Teacher-Mai-Anh   [Entry]
Hi! My name is Mai Anh. I am principal of Remisol. Let me not to write about myself. I just want to thank you, Teacher Remy, for your great idea about writting workshop. This is a playground for not only our students but also our guests to display their writting skill. 
Thank you again and wish that your teaching career will be flourish and fruitful.

2 Teacher-Remy   [Entry]
Hi, Ms. Mai Anh!

Do you see the "Add Entry" function?
If yes, can you try to send your text again?
Just use "Add Entry" instead of "Add Comment".

Thank you.

3 Teacher-Mai-Anh   [Entry]
Yes. I did as per your instruction.
Thank you!
Good bye!

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4 Nhi1   [Entry]
My name is Nhi 1. I'm 12 years old. I am a student. I am a flyer and I learn English at Remisol. My teacher is Mrs. Remy. he is very nice. I like to traveling, read books, cooking and go shopping. I also like to make friends and helping people. I really want to be a fashion designer when I grow up.
Goodbye! happy

5 Teacher-Remy   [Entry]
Hi, Nhi 1!

Thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it.
Do you see the "Add Entry" function above?
If yes, can you try to send your text again? 
Just use "Add Entry" instead of "Add Comment". 

Thank you.

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6 Nhi1   [Entry]
No, I don't see anything

7 Teacher-Remy   [Entry]
See above. I moved you to "Students Group". You should be able to see "Add New Entry".

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8 Phuong   [Entry]
Hi teacher!

I sent you introduce myself but I want to see it again. I have to what press?

10 Teacher-Mai-Anh   [Entry]
Hi Phượng,

You go back to the Writting Workshop page. At the first page you can se your work (Introduce yourself add by phuongvietnamheritage...) Click on that link. Your work will appeare again.

Hope you will find my intruction usefull.
Good luck
Mai Anh

11 Teacher-Mai-Anh   [Entry]
Hi Phượng,

It's me again. One more thing I want to tell you. If you want to ask teacher anything, please go to "Classroom Chat" He can see your question faster.

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9 Nhi1   [Entry]
I see it teacher but description about what?

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12 nguyenbinhbaoquyen   [Entry]
Hello! My name is Phil.I'm 6 years old.I'm vietnamese.I in class mover 1.I'm learning English at Remisol.My teacher is Mr.Remy. Sometimes I speak English with my brother and my father.Everyday when I go home my father will ask me about me and my brother.I want to do a doctor when I grow up.Teacher always has many proplems with me and my brother.thank you for reading and watching

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13 Boy   [Entry]
Hello everybody, my name is Boy. I am 8 years old.I am Vietnamese. I am a student. I am learning English at REMISOL. I am a Mover 1. My teacher is Mr. Remy. 
               My family have four people.
               My father , my mother , my brother and me .  
               My father is Hung. He is a doctor , he works at THE COMPANY Tanimex and hostpital TAN BINH , he is 41 years old . 
               My mother is Quyen . She is a teacher . She is works at high school TAN BINH , she is 37 years old . 

               My brother is fil , he is a student . he learning English at REMISOL . He is 7 years old            
               Thanks you for reading and listening

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14 Luong   [Entry]
Hello! My name is Luong. I'm 10 years old. I'm Vietnamese. I'm a student. I'm learning English at Remisol. I'm a Mover. My teacher name's Mr. Remi. I'm very love him. He teaches me how to speak English and how to write. My family has four people: My father, my mother, my sister and I. Good bye, see you later.

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15 Truc-Panda   [Entry]
Hello! My name is Truc (Panda).I'm 12 years old. I'm a student in a class of flyers.I'm study English in Remisol. My teacher – Remy, he very jovial. I’ve a lot of hobby : traveling around the world, read a lot kind of books,… I’m live with my family, my family has 4 people: my dad, my mom, my brother and me. My dad is 38 years old, he is a construction engineers and he is very nice. My mother is 37 years old, she is a bussines woman,s she very pretty. My brother is 8 years old, he is a student and he also learn at Remisol. Ok!! Thanks for reading and watching
this passage
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