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introduce myself
Hi everyone! My name is Nhi 1. I'm 12 years old and I am a flyer. I learn english at Remisol. My teacher is Mrs. Remy. He is a nice guy. My family has 4 people: my dad, my mom, my brother and me. My dad is Dung, he is 47 years old. My mom is Anh, she is 37 years old. My brother is Duy, he is 9 years old. I like to go shopping and read books. I cheerful and kind of funny. I have won the english speaking contest and online IOE contest. I love to make friends so don't be shy and come to talk to me. goodbye!
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1 Teacher-Remy   [Entry]

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2 b7c3tanbinhtphcm   [Entry]
Hello!My name is Phil.I'm 6 years old.I'm vietnamese.I'm a student.I'm learning English at Remisol.I'm a mover 1.My teacher is Mr.Remy.Teacher always has proplem with me and my brother.My family have four people are my father,my mother ,my brother and me.My teacher is an american my teacher always teach a good English. my father is Hung, he is 43 years old.My mother is Quyen,she is 37 years old.My brother is Boy,he is 8 years old.Sometimes has homework my teacher say go home and go to website and do homework on website.I like to do in website and my teacher say print out papers and I like to print out and do Online Registration on website and Log In Assignments and My teacher say go to classroom chat on website when I don't know. My teacher say don't wating in the last day becouse when I do in the last day I don't have time to do. I have one time I do the last day with my brother and I have one do the last have many homework are write scene 1, scene 2, scene 3 and scene 4 when I do the last day I don't finish but when I go to school I ask my friends he's name is Khanh and Hai 2. I ask do you finish homework and Khanh say what is a homework? And I say the homework write scene 1, scene 2, scene 3 and scene 4. finsh that homework and I say why? And Khanh say becouse the day teacher say did I keep you homework everybody say yes but I and my brother don't have in that day and I do many times have a good day. See you later and remember my name, my school, my teacher, my class. Do you have proplem? Don't do proplem like me do proplem is a very  Bed Habit and don't do homework in the last day becouse when you do homework in the last day your teacher is very angry with you and do homework in the last day is a very Bed Habit. Thank you for reading and watching.

3 Teacher-Remy   [Entry]
Hey, there!
Who wrote this?
Is that you, Phil?

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4 Duy   [Entry]
I very impressive with fil text angry cry cry

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5 Boy   [Entry]
Yes, teacher

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6 Boy   [Entry]
Teacher not me I'm Phil sorry now I will go to my work

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7 Phil   [Entry]
Teacher now i'm phil the big word is my

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